Courses Addressing Issues Related to South Asia

    Courses that address issues related to South Asia:

    • Gender and Subaltern Studies (Associate Professor Anjali Arondekar)
    • History of Pre-modern India, Traditional India, Cinema and History: Film Author Satyajit Ray, Comparative Studies in Modern Asian History, Political and Social History of Modern South Asia (Dilip K. Basu, Associate Professor of History, Director, Ray Film and Study Collection)
    • Buddhist Visual Worlds (Raoul Birnbaum, Professor and Patricia and Rowland Rebele Endowed Chair in History of Art and Visual Culture)
    • Nature, Poverty and Progress: Dilemmas of Environment and Development, Hunger and Famine, Sociology of Water (Ben Crow, Associate Professor of Sociology)
    • Asian Theater, Pacific Rim Film (M. Kathleen Foley, Professor of Theater Arts)
    • Indian Dance (Mythili Kumar, Lecturer in Theater Arts)
    • Globalization, Information and Social Change (Paul M. Lubeck, Professor of Sociology)
    • Elementary through intermediate Hindi (John Mock, Lecturer in Hindi & Urdu)
    • India and Indian Diaspora through Films, Anthropology of Religion, Women in Politics: A Third World perspective, Anthropology of Hinduism (Annapurna Devi Pandey, Lecturer in Anthropology)
    • Cultures of India (Triloki Nath Pandey, Professor of Anthropology)
    • Political Ecology and Social Change, An Introduction to World Environmental History (S. Ravi Rajan, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies)