South Asia Content Courses

These course offerings contain specific South Asian content. They are offered in many departments and taught by staff. Some include:

  • American Studies 127A: Aspects of Asian American Studies, content selected topics in culture, religion, music, film, art
  • American Studies 127B: Asian America: Contemporary Issues, content social, economic and political issues in the U.S. and globally
  • American Studies 127E: Asian American Women, content intersections of race, class and gender from a women centered perspective
  • American Studies 127G: Asian Americans in Films and Videos, content history and presence of Asian Americans on screen, technical production
  • Anthropology 129: Other Globalizations: Cultures and Histories of Interconnection
  • Feminist Studies 80F: Feminisms of/and the Global South, content feminist theories from domestic U.S. and global contexts in order to ask how interventions of women of color in the U.S. and of radical feminist movements in non-U.S. locations radically re-imagine feminist politics.
  • Film & Digital Media 132A: International Cinema to 1960, content developments in narrative film outside of Hollywood to 1960
  • Film & Digital Media 132B: International Cinema, 1960 to Present, content developments in narrative film outside of Hollywood from 1961 to present
  • History of Art and Visual Culture 105 E: Ritual in Asian Religious Art
  • History of Art and Visual Culture 160: Storytelling in Asian Art
  • History of Consciousness 232A: Third World Feminisms and Globalization, content feminist concepts from a third world viewpoint
  • Music 180A: Studies in World Music: Asia and the Pacific
  • Philosophy 176: Indian Philosophy, content Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita
  • Politics 156: Asian Women in Politics
  • Sociology 131: World hunger and Population Growth, content causes and consequences of population growth and food supply