Dr. Govinda Rao

Director of the National Institute for Public Finance and Policy and member of the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council presented two lectures "Tax Reform for Faster Growth in India" and "India's Fiscal Response to the Global Slowdown" as part of the "Mapping the Future of India" public lecture series

April 16, 2009

By , Executive Assistant to the Dean, Division of Social Sciences 

As part of the Mapping the Future of India lecture series funded by Stephen Bruce, Dr. Govinda Rao explained the role that tax reform has played in India's economic miracle. He described major tax policy changes and how they contribute to sustaining accelerating India's future growth. This lecture, "Tax Reform for Faster Growth in India," was moderated by Dr. T.N. Srinivasan, the Samuel C. Park, Jr. Professor of Economics and former chairman of the department of economics at Yale University.

In a separate lecture, "India's Fiscal Response to the Global Slowdown," Rao described India's fiscal responses to the severe slowdown, new spending measures, tax cuts, targeted incentives and the implications of these policies on future economic health and growth.

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