Major Research Activities

Economic Development and Entrepreneurship

Projects on economic reform, governance, finance, Indian entrepreneurs, and India's integration in the global economy

Key research led by the international economics faculty focuses on trends in economic development, trade, and domestic marketplace. The Santa Cruz Center for International Economics and the Center for Global, International and Regional Studies have held three successful conferences on the economies of India and China.

Furthermore, the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, the Program in Community and Agroecology, and the Center for Integrated Water Research are already well situated to study crop development, food production, and water policy in India and other nations in South Asia. As part of the Silicon Valley Initiative, UCSC is working to establish networks and collaborative arrangements with South Asian entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley as well as business leaders in India. A central project, led by Professor Nirvikar Singh, focuses on the motivations, determinants of success and impacts of Indian entrepreneurs in the Valley.

Environment and Climate Change

Scientific research in areas critical to South Asia's future, including groundwater pollution, environmental pathogens, and the impact of global climate change on environments and populations.

Faculty in the Division of Physical and Biological Sciences are conducting research in areas critical to South Asia's future, including arsenic pollution in groundwater, environmental pathogens such as cholera, and the effect of global climate change on environments and populations in low-lying coastal areas.

Storage, Design and Engineering

Work on storage systems and databases, VLSI design, and global services management, in the Baskin School of Engineering.

Important work is being done on storage systems and databases, VLSI design and test, electronic design automation (EDA), global services management, and engineering. Chairs in these areas have been awarded in storage systems by Kumar Malavalli and optoelectronics by Narinder Kapany.